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What fabric do you need?

Check out some useful information about each fabric type.

It is a delicate fabric with linen or cotton weave.

Cotton or synthetic fabric with pressed pile.

Velvet fabric with elasticity, ie thin jersey with velvet surface and short pile.

Transparent fabric with linen weave, usually cotton.

It is the generic name for all fabrics in which the design is created by the alternation of weaving. This impression is further enhanced by the use of different warp and weft yarns.

It is the generic name for various types of knitwear from light super serge to thick wool.

It is a fabric of very twisted crepe yarns, with an irregular, substandard structure. It is soft, molded, with a grainy texture.

It is a dense fabric of cotton, wool or chemical fibers with a strong dimit structure (diagonal stripes).

It is a velvet fabric with vertical stripes from very thin to very wide.

They are the fabrics that acquire a granular, engraved surface from very twisted threads or from the type of connection.

It is a very thin fabric with a wavy surface of silk or chemical fibers.

One side smooth and glossy, the other matte and with a grainy texture. Both sides can be used as a good side, often alternately.

Lightweight fabric with loose weave and transparent. It has a very beautiful suppleness.

It is the fabric with an irregular surface with knots and loops, created from knitted yarns.

It is a jacquard fabric, often with shiny fancy fibers. The name comes from Italian and means embroidered.

It is a very shiny fabric, high quality satin from silk or chemical fibers.

It is a fabric with a small waxy pattern. Typical are the small diagonal extensions at the corners of the plaid.

Patterned fabric with dents and bumps.

Thick or thin fabric that looks like a handmade crochet knit.

Fabric with thin horizontal, streaks created by very thin warp yarns (vertical) and thick weft yarns (horizontal).

It is a fabric with a large plaid, in color contrast or in shades that overlap other smaller ones.

Fabric with small light colors and dark plaid, which in contrast to the pi de coke do not end in diagonal extensions.

Fabric made of thin fabric of silk, nylon, viscose or polyester on a single surface.

It is an airy, thin, molded fabric made of silk or chemical crepe fibers with an irregular surface and granular texture.

Fabric of natural silk or man-made fiber. By chemical treatment, the taffeta becomes hard and therefore easily crumpled.

Perforated fabric with elasticity, which falls very nicely and has a fantastic effect.

Perforated, mesh fabric, usually with a wasp nest structure.

They are mainly cotton fabrics, often with rough and pre-washed treatment to obtain the characteristic slightly sloppy and faded look of jeans.

Fabric with fluffy inner side of cotton or cotton blends.

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