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Payment Methods

Your order can be paid in the following ways:

Cash on delivery, payment to the courier company employee upon delivery of the products (extra charge € 3.50).
Deposit in a bank account of our company.
Payment by Credit & Debit card. You can pay for your order for free on a secure platform of Eurobank.

The steps for depositing in a company bank account are:

STEP 1. When completing your order, choose Bank Payment as your payment method.

STEP2. Deposit the amount in the following accounts:


No. Account: 00260204230200882478

IBAN: GR7802602040000230200882478


STEP 3. Next please send the proof of deposit via e-mail to or by fax to 21 0321 6747.

For your best service, please give your name and Order Number to the bank as a reason.

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